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Nibirans gave Earthlings “foodstuff and shelter though they carried out grueling tasks, the reason for which they didn't understand.

Below is surely an e-mail from this solution group of insiders I mentioned. They began to question me position blank concerns for instance the next; (they are true Minimize & pastes from talks I've had with them)…..”

Michael will now share some personal correspondence between this group which was spoken of in the course of UFO Hunters, and himself. I'll existing it in Michaels have text (due to that his Tale was specified to me via e-mail, exactly where we all often don’t hassle with spell and grammar check, I've altered this on some instances in Michael’s correspondence for the reader’s benefit.

Stone markers, two miles out, lined up with The Temple of your Sunlight on its east-west axis; its other axis is north-west at some time it had been constructed on the design with the Giza Pyramids.

At the appropriate time, seize the missiles and prevail above all rivals. Along with the weapons your freedom attain

Consensus establishes social fact but does it forecast the chemical composition of asteroids or The form with the landmass beneath the Antarctic icepack the way historic Sumerian tablets do? We’re remaining with alternate explanations of Significantly. Love them, ponder, and continue to keep asking what to chop absent with Occam’s razor. We grasp the elephant of reality from varying Views. See them all and acquire a clearer picture of the beast as well as the blind who generalize from their unique vantages to the nature of the whole and its context.

The Anunnaki’s tales in their continue to be in the world right before they produced our ancestors, and what our forefathers directly noticed imprinted us With all the values of the Nibiran hierarchic, male-operate, grasp-slave-enemy mentality.

Ningishizidda put ova from Ti-Amat into seven test-tubes. Then he planted the 7 ova in the identical Medical practitioners who’d borne the hybrid males.

Then you will discover those people who are not from below, a few of whom are already on planet area, some currently residing all-around where you live and somewhere else while in the upper Midwest. They appear to be you and me, but you can explain to they're not from listed here. The lifetime varieties with whom that you are linked to and talk to might have “representative” or “crew customers” presently about the area, in Ohio as well as other nearby states.

Ninurta restored Elilite electricity and enforced a century of peace for Sumer. Ninurta set Sumer’s water technique plus the controls Nergal had ruined in Babylon. Ninurta’s Kings in Lagash “prohibited abuse of Formal powers, ‘getting away’ a widow’s donkey” and withholding working day-employees’ wages.

: 248] Or, Nibiru alone could’ve crossed between Mars and Jupiter. In almost any scenario, Earthlings’ residing conventional worsened and we regressed to residing in caves and from the bush. Each individual era’s existence became poorer.

Enki woke and pondered his dream. He stepped away from bed and kicked an actual Actual physical Pc file–a single he had not set there– close to his bed. The file showed how to construct a submersible craft wherein Ziusudra and his followers click for more info could experience out the deluge.

Enki geared up for that waves. Before they strike, he sent Full Article Ninagal with containers to Ziusudra. The containers held “DNA, sperm and ova, ‘the lifetime essence and everyday living eggs of dwelling creatures it contains, from the Lord Enki and Ninmah gathered. From the wrath of Enlil to generally be concealed, to everyday living resurrected if Earth be keen.’”

Sumerians recorded Nibirans’ speculation that satellite moons progressed to planets with their particular orbits across the Solar rather than throughout the Earth whose satellite they’d been. Modern day astronomers too came to this once they noticed the twin attributes of Uranus and Neptune, examined Pluto’s orbit and immediately after Pioneer and Voyager spacecraft showed that “in the past decade Titan, the largest moon of Saturn, was important source a World-in-the-making whose detachment from Saturn wasn't completed.” [

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