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Nibirans described asteroids as pieces of Earth knocked into space when, 4 billion many years in the past, a moon of Nibiru struck Tiamat. “Debris from the decrease half of Tiamat stretched into House. Sumerian texts and the biblical Edition thereof” stated the asteroid belt, a bracelet of particles, orbited the Solar involving Jupiter and Mars, “but our astronomers weren't mindful of that” till in 1801 Piazzi located the first asteroid, Ceres. “It’s taken fashionable astronomy centuries to discover what Sumerians understood six,000 decades back. [

Enki and Ningishzidda serviced Erectus Ladies but did not impregnate them. So they gathered their own personal seed, and, in test tubes, fertilized Erectus ova to develop zygotes.

To their Tree of Daily life two branches happen to be extra, with procreating powers their existence essencs are now entined.’” [

Marduk gave metal weapons to his Earthling armies; he State-of-the-art on Sinai. Ninurta and Inanna released their planes armed with photo voltaic, sonar and explosive weapons of mass destruction.

Gilgamesh went with Enkidu into the rocketpad at Baalbek to plead Along with the gods for any rocket to Nibiru for immortality he assumed the Anunnaki liked.

We Homo Sapiens “showed up abruptly, two hundred,000 a long time ago while in the fossil history with distinctions from “some other anthrodoid or homanoid” which progressed on this planet. This sudden visual appearance supports the speculation that creationism–which Enki, Ninmah and Ningishzidda claimed on tablets their scribes wrote–was a part of our historical past (as are both devolution and evolution of before humans prior to the Anunnaki).

In a very tunnel in Sinai he achieved Enki’s son, Ziusudra, still alive each one of these generations. “Ziusudra to Gilgamesh the secret of longliving he uncovered a plant inside the backyard garden’s nicely was escalating, Ziusudra and his husband or wife from acquiring previous it prevented.

Well, it all started in the summer of 2006,along with his UFO sightings over Lake Erie, one of the Wonderful Lakes. To the UFO fanatic, it might to start with seem to be just another UFO situation among the 1000s of Some others and may fairly before long be place to rest. Nonetheless, mainly because it showed, there was no doubt that these UFO sightings had been real. First of all, Lake Erie is often a “no fly-zone” area, because You will find there's nuclear electricity plant there, and considering the fact that nine/11, There exists a 5 mile builders and developers huge no fly zone all over Ability vegetation, nuclear or coal (Michael’s hometown is the place the CEI Electric Electricity Plant is as well as Perry Nuclear electric power plant is all-around eighteen miles East and is additionally located ideal on Lake Erie)[four].

References abound for Anunnaki devices–in best site all probability atomic–of their buildings, rockets and in some cases in the Ark in the Covenant.

President Reagan agreed to defend Nannar’s procedure of 10 czars that currently guidelines Earth against Marduk’s incoming forces.  “The U.S. Governing administration must formally contend with the presence of two Anunnaki camps in conflict with each other, to cope with both.”

Nibiru’s perigee dislodged and hurled meteors–asteroid bits–at Earth, designed rigorous more tips here warming, earthquakes, hurricanes and floods on Earth and on Mars.

A temple both equally under a limestone hill and beneath it too, the Hypogeum near Malta’s capital Valletta, dates again to either right before Noah’s flood of 11,000 BCE or from prior to Thera erupted and killed Minoan hegemony during the japanese Mediterranean.

The tallest pyramid reported rises three hundred metres high. Its sides measure five hundred metres prolonged –two times much larger than and twenty moments the quantity of the Great Pyramid at Giza.

Ways led from the jap terrace at Chavin De Huantar into a sunken plaza surrounded on a few sides by rectangular platrorms. A substantial flat boulder with 7 grind holes and a rectangular market stood “Exterior the southwestern corner in the sunken plaza.”

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