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Ezekial, on the banking companies in the Khabur in northern Mesopotamia, reported “a helicopter consisting of the cabin resting on four posts. The craft sported rotary wings. They named it a "whirlbird".

Enlil explained he was hitting Egypt Using the plagues, infestations, cattle disorders, a few days of darkness and temperature disturbances that accompanied the nearing of Nibiru or its Lagrange detritus.

who were waiting around to check out him. Michael found this very curious, but he was also desirous to see who they ended up.

In Uruk, “A House for Nighttime Satisfaction she established. To this young heroes, about the night time of their weddings, with sweet phrases she lured: prolonged existence, a blissful long run to them she promised; that her lover Dumuzi was she imagined.” But each each morning in her bed was found lifeless.”

Daughter of Enki and Ninmah, Nanshe presided about weights and actions, storehouses and beer and also social justice for widows, All those in personal debt, and war refugees in Sumer.

“One of many stones has 32 angles. Reducing, shaping and angling of the tricky granite stones was as though they ended up smooth putty. White granite stones had to be introduced from wonderful distances, through tough terrain and rivers, down valleys and up mountains.

A computer, dated 1 hundred years ahead of Jesus, found in 1900 with the island of Antikythera near Crete contained a technique of differential gears not recognised to are actually utilised view it until the sixteenth century.

“Partitions, conduits, receptacies, channels type a number of water-channeling structures 1 above the opposite; rain or spring water could movement from level to level. A huge hircular area enclosed by megalithic ashlars lies underground in a level allowing the running off in the water from the round area–a big-scale gold-panning facility. The water was flowed off througth the sluice-chamber and away throughout the labyrinth.

Chichen Itza Click Here by 450BC, “the principle sacred city of Yucatan,” boasted a sacred properly. The Itzas, migrants from the south, find more info designed their ceremonial center–The nice central pyramid and the observatory–near in which Thoth first came ashore in Yucatan.

Marduk’s new water Command technique stopped water to Sumer’s Enlilite cities. Inanna loosed lasers on his Earthlings and he shot laser beams at her armies.

: 248] Or, Nibiru by itself could’ve crossed among Mars and Jupiter. In any circumstance, Earthlings’ residing normal worsened and we regressed to living in caves and within the bush. Every single generation’s lifestyle grew to become poorer.

has tested; akin to ours it is, like two serpents it can be entwined. When with our everyday living essence shall be put together, our mark on them shall be, a Primitive Employee shall be developed.

A few of Cuzco’s megalithic stones had been melted with included oxygen in temperatures about one,100 levels. This glazed their silicate surfaces, And so the “surfaces although irregular, sense easy to the touch.” The builders set Every recently put but nonetheless scorching stone beside stones currently amazing and hardened prior-positioned jigsaw polygonal blocks.

Ti-Amat–blonde, white and blue-eyed like Nibiran women–gave A part of the genetic product for all us subsequently bred humans.

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