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Casing stones of polished limestone covered the outside and mirrored the sunlight people could, without magnification, see from Israel and from the moon.

Enlil stated he was hitting Egypt While using the plagues, infestations, cattle conditions, 3 days of darkness and climate disturbances that accompanied the nearing of Nibiru or its Lagrange detritus.

, and that’s how it seemed like from The within, mainly because it turned out. Whilst Michael and Loki were being nevertheless standing outdoors, Loki informed him that there were many people inside the “Genie Bottle”

Adapa told Ka-in, “For your sin within your birthright you might be deprived, but of one's seed 7 nations will occur. In a very realm established aside

The Element of the Hypogeum Malta lets us see holds 30 rooms that passages, stairs and halls backlink. The builders cemented the partitions with concrete of compacted rock dust and water. In the rooms, they smoothed the partitions with imported flint instruments. [Coppens, 2012]

Quite a few Sumerians who survived the fallout fled Marduk. “Refugees got asylum all across the Mesopotamia. They transformed their host countries into flourishing states. Some ventured into more distant lands, accompanying the displaced gods.

Three massive walls of massive stones “increase 1 behind the other, each better than the just one before it to the put together height of sixty ft.” The partitions operate parallel to one another in a very zigzag” and secure this area from the remainder of the promontory. Earth-fills driving Each individual wall produced terraces. The lowest first [Anunnaki-developed] wall, crafted of colossal boulders” weigh ten to 20 tons, quite a few fifteen feet significant, fourteen toes lengthy and thick.

As you start out, your are likely to be basically bombarded review with a whole ton to go through and absorb. This will go on for the higher A part of a year or so. You’ll be predicted to jot down essays to explain what And the way you will be piecing together The brand new picture you build of how points really perform.

Several new people entered the gazebo and carried out some type of intellect-studying procedure click here to read on Michael, with products which go through/manipulated his “3rd eye”. A person product seemed like a small wand by using a dazzling purple/blue LED in addition to it. Michael could feel it, and he states it in fact felt pretty good.

Our science however can’t cut, go and match huge rocks along with the Anunnaki. They Reduce stones as large as 10 tons with big chopping tools operate on energy pulled from the earth and capacitated and amplified by crystals that broadcast Electrical power inside blog of pyramids like the Great Pyramid at Giza and Enki’s Pyramids in South Africa.

“The Position of Launching, the Spaceport, obliterated: the Mount inside of which the controlling equipment was put was smashed; the launch platforms ended up produced to fade from the encounter with the Earth.

Ningishzidda engraved emerald tablets which he showed specific Gentlemen. He remaining the tablets–imperishable, proof against all things, corrosion and acids–beneath the Giza Pyramid for a foreseeable future Age of sunshine.

“Incredulous of that was Anu; ‘the improve in cycles [among Earth and Nibiru] in truth havoc did result in, but with elixirs cured it absolutely was.’

Enlil requested Abraham and his nephew Ton into the Negev desert to the border of Sinai. He Geared up Abraham While using the best chariots, greatest horses, 380 effectively-qualified soldiers and weapons that “could smite a military of ten thousand men in several hours.

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